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Water Based Fire Extinguiser

Water Based Fire Extinguiser
Water Based Fire Extinguiser
Product Code : 003
Product Description

Product Features

Introduction: Ceasefire's water-based extinguishers harness the power of water to extinguish fires. It is the most effective extinguishing agent against fires in solid objects such as wood. Such fires remain hidden deep within the objects, increasing in temperature till they cause the surrounding material to spontaneously ignite.

Water based:  Uses water as the extinguishing agent as water effectively and rapidly brings down the temperature of visible and hidden fires, killing the fire and stopping it from spreading. â€‹

Simplicity in handling:  Long and flexible hosepipe aids simplicity in handling.

Easy snap safety seal:  A completely tamper proof safety seal that can be broken in seconds. (Does not apply to 50kg. variant)

State of the art pressure gauge:  The world's smallest and yet remarkably easy to read, this is the only pressure gauge that can be tested onsite, using a special magnet to ensure that it is working perfectly and is 100% accurate.

​EPDM rubber hosepipe:  Superior grade EPDM rubber is far more flexible than the normal rubber used in most hosepipes.

1 year Warranty:  The 1 year Warranty means Ceasefire is looking out for the health of your fire safety products.

Application:  Fights Class A and B fires.

Highest Standards:  Virtually every Ceasefire extinguisher has ISO 9001 and CE certifications, and conforms to ISI standards.

Technical Specifications

Details â€‹
9 Ltr
Gross Weight
15.1 Kg
Empty Weight
6.1 Kg
Can Height
Discharge time
Minimum 13 Secs
Range â€‹
Minimum 2 Meters
Discharge Mechanism
Applicable on
Class A 
Can Construction
​Deep drawn & CO2 Mig welded
Valve Construction
Forging & Machining
Internal Coating of Can
Epoxy Powder coating
​External Coating of Can
 Epoxy Polyester Powder coating
Certifications â€‹
 ISI & CE Approved
Tests â€‹
Helium Leak Detection
​1 Year
Water is the most potent fire extinguishing agent available with its massive cooling power of 2.6 MW per liter per second. Water fire extinguishers are best suited for class A fires as they are most effective against deep seated solid objects fire such as wood. The most important properties of water based fire extinguishers are its high specific heat and heat of vaporization - which is the amount of heat energy required to convert one gram of liquid into its gaseous state at constant temperature and pressure. When water comes in contact with a hot burning surface, it turns into steam by absorbing heat from the surface of that object. The steam cuts off oxygen supply to the heated surface, thereby suffocating the flames. By absorbing a large amount of heat, water brings down the temperature of the burning object or fuel below its ignition point, thereby reducing the chances of it catching fire. Therefore, we can say that water based fire extinguishers have two main firefighting actions - Water, being a cooling agent absorbs huge amount of heat and converts into steam and steam can cut off the oxygen supply which is essential to sustain a fire.

Water based fire extinguishers are available in two variants – portable 9 litre water fire extinguisher with stored pressure and trolley mounted 50 litre water fire extinguisher with internal CO2 propellant cartridge. Water based fire extinguishers are extremely simple to use so as to avoid any delay during emergency.

To start a portable water fire extinguisher, first of all check if the needle in the pressure gauge is in the green zone. If it is, the extinguisher is ready. Pull out the safety seal by inserting the index finger and tugging gently. The water fire extinguisher can now be activated. Depress the lever and aim the discharge tube at base of fire from a distance of three meters and use a quick sweeping action. This process cools down the fuel, removing heat from the fire tetrahedron, thereby stopping re-ignition. It is important to note that the efficiency of water fire extinguisher is directly proportionate to the surface area of water coming into contact with fire. Hence, the dispensing medium that uses water as an extinguishing agent plays a vital role in fighting fire.

If the water based fire extinguisher is able to expand the surface area of water, you are in a position to fight substantially bigger fires. Most warehouses and furniture stores consist of class A materials and so all fire extinguishers are not suitable to fight such fires. However, a portable water fire extinguisher can easily take care of such fires. There is a safety seal on the cylinder that can be broken in seconds and is yet completely tamper-proof. Anybody at home or office or any layman can use it easily but it does not permit accidental activation of extinguisher.

​Another benefit is that the water fire extinguisher requires least maintenance. A quick look can show that the extinguisher is in a ready working condition or it needs maintenance. Every portable water fire extinguisher has a squeeze grip with controllable discharge mechanism. The controllable mechanism ensures that the agent is discharged when and as much needed. This mechanism also helps cover more area for extinguishing class A fire.
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